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Welcome to our corner of the internet. However you came across this website, we know you'll find what you are looking for to advance your business to the next level. This website is designed to be a culmination of the various services and solutions we have developed and mastered over the years through marketing, owning businesses and entrepreneurship.

About DE Digital

Our ultimate goal is to impact growth-minded small businesses through cutting-edge technology solutions. How do we do this? We employ effective long-term scalable marketing strategies, CRM systems designed for future growth, and education and consulting. This gives YOU, the business owner, the reigns and insight into your business. We inject the DE Digital team into your company to improve efficiency, drive revenue growth, and optimally grow your business.

Helping Build Incredible Brands

The primary focus of our time is spent building our own businesses and strategically partnering with other companies. Yet, our team also loves extending their abilities and training to promote progress for other local businesses. See below a few of the companies we've helped grow thus far.
LeadsForward Logo

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Co-founding and building this local lead generation company with our partner and Devon's brother, Trevor, has provided a foundation and drive that has propelled all other growth.
Alliance Solar Logo

CMO & Technology Architect

A fully virtual solar residential organization. Heavy on inbound lead generation and customer centric systems designed to win over customers through an extremely efficient process.
ProClean Logo

Strategic Marketing Partner

Handling all marketing and opening up new local markets across the country. ProClean has grown from one location to fifteen in just over two years.
Ameri-Best Logo

Strategic Marketing Partner

Helped scale from local one truck carpet cleaner to a statewide enterprise through effective local lead generation and SEO strategies as well as efficient customer engagement systems.

Specialty Services Offered

CRM Consulting Services Sarasota

CRM Software Consulting

While building businesses and increasing lead generation flow for other companies, our team realized that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an absolute necessity. Every business thrives on leads. But what if a business receives leads and doesn't have an optimized business system? An optimized business system guides the customers and employees through the sales and fulfillment process. Without this system, you are essentially wasting money and putting your business at risk of being beaten out by someone who takes the crucial steps to build a system around their business.

We've mastered three types of CRMs customized for the businesses we work with. This includes a simple feature-rich CRM to a fully customizable CRM built for scale and teams larger than your average local business.

Local SEO Consulting

Local SEO is Search Engine Optimization focused on local businesses that benefit from inbound calls and prominent placement in Google maps. We love Local SEO because it is more effective for local businesses than other advertising strategies when you commit to an effective SEO campaign. This is because you are choosing to build a long-term business asset that continues to deliver business to you without the need of paid advertising strategies to keep the lights on. While more investment heavy up front, building a digital property that continues to provide leads to your business day after day without paying Google or Facebook directly for clicks is BY FAR the most effective long term marketing solution for any local business whose customers typically search out their services.
Local Seo Services
Paid Advertising Services

Scalable Paid Advertising

While Local SEO is the long term strategy for local businesses and more of a slow long term burn that eventually snowballs. Effective paid advertising, put through a conversion focused business process is jet fuel. I look at paid advertising almost as a “digital billboard” and only recommend businesses spend serious money on paid ads if they can develop a value proposition to potential customers that would even do well on a billboard. Facebook and YouTube are currently the most effective platforms for the businesses I work with, and with people scrolling, skipping and glazing over ads, only the eye-catching, benefit rich “sexy” offers will win over your customers. 

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